Simple Things About Discipline

My work sometimes takes me to a place far away that I never know before. Sometimes this makes me tired but encouraged me to have a constant discipline to make things easy and orderly. I still learn to manage time for my family and me, my life, my hobbies, my social life, my spiritual time (Bible study and pray), and also social media time. There are many things to do. Laundry piled up, cleaning my room, pay a fee of rent, managing money, shopping list to do, rest, art, cooking, praying and seeking God, caring for family and friends (and the most important is the job).

Sometimes I let everything fall apart, I don’t care and too lazy. As a result I found a lot of laundry, no time for exercise, sleep deprivation, unhealthy food and sick then (I was infected by dengue fever last month-will tell you about the last one). Discipline is a big problem but always manifest in things that are simple to do. Like, put stuff in its place, washing clothes while showering (the advice from my mother), prepare a simple breakfast, have enough sleep, set reminders in your phone, etc. It’s easy to discipline you just needs to remind yourself not to get carried away in feeling lazy.

When I feel gave up becoming a discipline person, I would look at this verse. This verse is the main driving force for those who want to be discipline person, I think (focusing on the last word).

“For the spirit of God gave us doesn’t make us timid, but give us the power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

This verse spoke to me: God is pleased me because He knew I could, He knew my capacity, how much “to do list” that I can accomplish. How difficult a task that I can accomplish, how many things I have to prioritize. The Lord gives me the strength, the ability to carry out my “to do list” and priorities. Then be as fruitful in disciplines, you never know how great is the Lord, until you try to implement your discipline in His power within you. He cares for you and provides you with his strength, like superheroes eh? But He is the true Superhero with the greatest strength for supporting you in your journey to becoming a discipline person.


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